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How To Increase Your Sales & Grow Your FinTech Business by 1000%  Without Spending MORE On Advertising 
Learn The Most Effective Ways To Generate Leads, Create A Predictable Business & The Fast Business Growth Secrets For Technology, Finance and Professional Services Business...
Jag Jassel started completely broke Coming From India and Went Onto building wildly profitable businesses 
(Let Him Show You How On This Training)
Grow Your Tech Business, Impact & Influence by deploying these simple, yet practical Strategies that I teach at this event...
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  •  Find Out How the Self Identity is Created - Answer to the questions like Who Am I?
  •  How Our Beliefs and Values are Created
  •  and How You Can Create New Beliefs!

Mantra Southbank

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Jag Jassel - Tech Entrepreneur

Founder & CEO of Jassel Media
At This Event, Your Going To Discover How To Grow Your Technology Business...
  • How To Tell The World That You Exist - Most Tech businesses fail NOT because they don't know how to code but because their clients have no idea that they exist. 
  • How To Make Your Tech Business Stand Out From The Crowd - Even If you are up against the GIANTS
  • How To Target The Right Clients Within Your Marketplace Without Spending Thousands on LinkedIn / Facebook Ads! (THIS IS HUGE)  
  • Learn How To Unlock The ‘Market Perception’ Formula So You Are The ‘Reluctant Hero’ To Your Audience. 
  • How Become an Authority of Your Niche Market - So You Can Generate hundreds of leads! 
  • Top 3 Video Marketing Strategies of Australia's Big Corporations
  • Create ‘7-Figure Mindset’ So You Can Grow Your Income, Impact and Influence (this is ACTION orientated)
  • Discover How To Create Ad Campaigns That Converts...
  • Have Your Personalised Strategy  That practically FORCE your prospects to buy your products or services…
Why Selling on Social Media Doesn't Work? Watch this Video...
You Will Learn About:
 The 3 Simple Steps To Become A 7-Figure Expert By Using The Emerging Technologies (Just Like I Did To Create Millions).
 Making The Shift From The Employee Matrix Into The Entrepreneurial Mindset So You Stop Self Sabotage & Fear...
 My Proven 90-Day Plan That Will Help You Quit Your Job & Build A 6-Figure Consulting Business (Remember, You Must Hit 6-Figure First Before Your Reach 7-Figures)
You Will Get: 
 A full understanding of the Cryptocurrency world and you will know all the options to take advantage off to become financially free in super simple steps.
 A quantum leap in knowledge and will be up to date with the blockchain technology so you stay up to date with the way the whole world is moving.
 Full step by step plan that will show you exactly how to can take an idea to a successful ICO (Initial Coin Offering)  

** PLUS ** I Will Teach You How We Manage To Take Two of Our Businesses To High Six Figures in Less than 12 months 
It’s NOT enough Just create the best product or professional services business, you mUST learn how to tell the world as well otherwise you will be industry's best kept secret...
BUSINESS WEEK: almost 60% of all apps don’t break even on development costs and that 70% of people earned less than $5k from their most successful apps.
The One Thing You Need Is:
To RAPIDLY GROW Your tech Business Is learn the art of social selling
Hi, my name is Jag Jassel,

I am the CEO of Jassel Media  and author of best selling book "Bl**** Secrets: The A-Z Guide on How To Take Your Bl*******ain Idea To The Market" 

I struggled for years, and actually failed 13 times before figuring out how to position, market and sell myself as a business owner.

In fact, I actually got in my own way when it came to building my brand and getting more clients. I used to overthink everything, and not feel clear on what to do to move the needle.

At the end of the day, I had SO MUCH COMPETITION and I had to stand out and compete against their big marketing budgets.

I used to sit there frustrated saying, “If only I could just get more clients & serve more people instead of being a best kept secret”.

Because I knew that I could help people, provide value and change lives - ever felt like that?

ME TOO my friend...All I wanted to do, was take the business I had started to the next level so I could create a better life for me and my family, while making my difference in the world.

Can you relate...? 

I have started many startups in last 18 years and pretty much failed in every startup (13 to be precise) but then, but then I hit it big and sold one of my companies for $3Million (by doing what I am going to teach you at this event)

But it wasn’t always this way (& at the time I never even knew I was doing THESE 3 things).

I come from India and had to do all sort of jobs from working in a factory, driving cab, dishwasher and 7/11 to get through Uni. I always desired to make it big, I got my Masters degree and worked for big companies like IBM, Oracle, & NAB - making others money and had a few ideas (more than 10 at any one time).

So I started executing on these ideas, and realised that I was dabbling in a lot of things leaving me falling short on all my expert ideas.

I eventually figured out that If I just focused on ONE THING & went all in on that ONE THING, I could stay focused and actually learn how to become a ‘Celebrity’ to my niche of people.

This was the ONLY way to penetrate the market to NEVER have to compete against the big player marketers.

I first realised this when I resigned from my job at Oracle, to execute on one of my ideas that they rejected.

I had positioned myself at the ‘Go-To’ guy without even knowing it, as people left their jobs to follow me and my vision and together we tackled the mammoth task of competing against the ‘Big Players’.

How did we become so successful and exit with $3 million in the bank??

We become ‘Micro-Celebrities’ by implementing the ‘Future Proof’ formula which is A + M + R (Audience + Money + Relationships) - interesting, right?

How could a small company STAND out and create this SUCCESS so fast…? There's a very specific way to do this and I will teach you it at the event.

The Art of Social Selling:
  •  How To Make Your Business Stand Out From Competitors
  •  Will Unlock The ‘Market Perception’ Formula So You Are The ‘Reluctant Hero’ To Your Audience. 
  •  How Become an Authority of Your Niche Market 
  •  Unleash Your ‘7-Figure Mindset’ So You Can Grow Your Income, Impact and Influence (this is ACTION orientated)
  •  How To Create Ad Campaigns That Converts...
  •  Have Your Personalised Strategy To Ensure You Create The ‘Big Fish In A Small Pond’ Effect So You Never Have To Compete With The Big Player Advertisers.
I have seen people that are so good at what they do, become swallowed up by their competition because they can’t spend as much on marketing.

TRUST ME - there’s a way and it’s becoming a ‘Micro-Celebrity’ - Can you see this now?
I can assure you that doing THIS is the way to create a life for you and your family. You will leave this event with FULL clarity on what to do.
I know I could easily charge $1,000 or $2,000 for this training and it would be worth it.
Just think for a second. If all you got was the ability to create financial freedom...wouldn't it be worth it...?

Of course it would be...

It is absolutely ridiculous, and I know that there are only 30 Seats available, so when they are gone, well, they are gone.

So, go get yours now - these simple steps are the same steps I used to sell my business for $3 million.

I look forward to helping you create the business and life of your dreams.
Jag Jassel
P.S - If you just read to the bottom of this page. I'm giving you my FULL Education on Building Your Business Using Social Media PRACTICALLY FREE. It has made me millions of dollars.
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YES! I Am Ready To learn The Art of Social selling to BOOM my business..
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