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ONLINE Master Class

21 Day Challenge 
Start Date: 11th March 2019 

Jag Jassel - Entrepreneur 

Founder & CEO of Jassel Media

  •  Day 1 - What's holding you back?
  •  Day 2 - World Views
  •  Day 3 - Perception Vs Reality 
  •  Day 4 - Introduction To Quantum Mind 
  •  Day 5 - The Alchemy of Success
  •  Day 6 - Your View of The World 
  •  Day 7 - What Are Your Becoming
  •  Day 8 - Your Value Ladder 
  •  Day 9 - Your Frame
  •  Day 10 -The Art of Fulfilment 
  •  Day 11 - Fundamentals of Business 
  •  Day 12 - How Does Coaching & Consulting Business Work 
  •  Day 13 - The Secrets of Business Success 
  •  Day 14 - Your OFFER 
  •  Day 15 - Sales 
  •  Day 16 - Organic Marketing 
  •  Day 17 - Paid Marketing 
  •  Day 18 - 9 Step Formula To Get New Clients 
  •  Day 19 - Million Dollar Business Pathway 
  •  Day 20 - The Bridge 
  •  Day 21 - Wrap Up 
You Will Learn About:
 The 3 Simple Steps To Become A 7-Figure Expert By Using The Emerging Technologies (Just Like I Did To Create Millions).
 Making The Shift From The Employee Matrix Into The Entrepreneurial Mindset So You Stop Self Sabotage & Fear...
 My Proven 90-Day Plan That Will Help You Quit Your Job & Build A 6-Figure Consulting Business (Remember, You Must Hit 6-Figure First Before Your Reach 7-Figures)
You Will Get: 
 A full understanding of the Cryptocurrency world and you will know all the options to take advantage off to become financially free in super simple steps.
 A quantum leap in knowledge and will be up to date with the blockchain technology so you stay up to date with the way the whole world is moving.
 Full step by step plan that will show you exactly how to can take an idea to a successful ICO (Initial Coin Offering)  

** PLUS ** I Will Teach You How You Could Build This Business To sell So You Could Sell Like I Did For Millions...
What Others Are Saying
Living Unconventionally
People work so hard doing jobs they don’t enjoy and leaving very little time for the things they do like or the people they love. If one could just focus all this energy creating a business around a passion or solving something the world needs, automating it, and using the internet to dispense it, then life could be enjoyed all the time.

What I discovered That People don’t want to be millionaires. They want to experience what they believe only millions can buy. Once you come up with the things you want to do, you will almost always realise that a million dollars is not needed to accomplish them.
Yes, I'm Ready To Grow My Side Hustle, Quit My Job & Become The New Rich....
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