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FC + EQ + PB = 7FC
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  •  and How You Can Create New Beliefs!

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Jag Jassel - Technology Evangelist

I Help People Become Highly Paid Consultants So They Can Leverage Their Time...
  •  The 3 Simple Steps To Become A Highly Paid Consultant By Using Frame Control Techniques (Just Like I Did To Create Millions).
  •  Making The Shift From The Employee Matrix Into The Entrepreneurial Mindset So You Stop Self Sabotage & Fear...
  •  My Proven 90-Day Plan To Creating Unstoppable Momentum In Your Business (I've used this to create 6-figures in cash)
You Will Learn About:
 The 3 Simple Steps To Become A 7-Figure Expert By Using The Emerging Technologies (Just Like I Did To Create Millions).
 Making The Shift From The Employee Matrix Into The Entrepreneurial Mindset So You Stop Self Sabotage & Fear...
 My Proven 90-Day Plan That Will Help You Quit Your Job & Build A 6-Figure Consulting Business (Remember, You Must Hit 6-Figure First Before Your Reach 7-Figures)
You Will Get: 
 A full understanding of the Cryptocurrency world and you will know all the options to take advantage off to become financially free in super simple steps.
 A quantum leap in knowledge and will be up to date with the blockchain technology so you stay up to date with the way the whole world is moving.
 Full step by step plan that will show you exactly how to can take an idea to a successful ICO (Initial Coin Offering)  

** PLUS ** I Will Teach You How You Could Build This Business To sell So You Could Sell Like I Did For Millions...
You Must Learn Frame Control (FC) to get people to buy without being salesy, implement the experts quadrant (EQ) to grow your business and have a captivating personal brand (PB) so that you can sell high ticket items…without it you will fail...
It's The ONLY Way To Grow Your Expert Business In Today's World...
The One Thing You Need Is This Formula (more on this at the event):
FC + EQ + PB = 7FC
Hi, my name is Jag Jassel,

I was in the "high paying corporate comfort zone" and was looking for an opportunity to leave my job and build a big business...

Relate...? You must have a look at this...

I played it safe in a job for years and I missed many opportunities before taking action.

I’ve missed out on my fair share of big opportunities & had multiple failures (13 to be very precise) in my life, but then I hit it big and sold a company for $3Million (by doing what I am going to teach you at this event).

But it wasn’t always this way…

I come from India and had to work in a 7/11 to get through uni. I always desired to make it big, I got my degree and worked for big companies making other people money and had a few ideas (more than 10).

Until I decided to follow my gut and go all in..and it worked. Now on the other side, I got interested in emerging technologies because in 2014 I heard from Ray Dalio (who’s a billionaire) that it was the thing to bet on.

So I started to look and boy is it confusing to start with, BUT I figured out that I could learn skills easily and then turn that into a consulting business (and get PAID very well for it, so I didn't have to rely on my paycheck)

What I realised though is that becoming an EXPERT using Frame Control was the quickest way to grow your coaching or consulting business so you can hire team and create leverage.

Some of us will take moves to follow their dreams, and some won't. I decided to ACT, so I obsessed and learned it all, and what I found is that it doesn't matter if you've failed before (I failed 13 times), you can become an expert and be highly paid with total freedom.

I spent hours and hours studying. Then I took massive action...

In fact, I've managed to charge $20k per month, per client I took on by using my expert skills. 
An Expert Education will:
  •  Help you replace your income by creating a high 6-figure business.
  •  Help you add another 6 figures to your bank (if you've already started) so you can then start to build for leverage.
  •  Help you become an EXPERT in what you do so you get effortless results.
  •  Help you create leverage in your life so you have complete freedom to do what matters most to you and your family
I have seen this again and again that people are not being taught these techniques, and they are spending so much time doing unnecessarily activities in their business those are not giving any results. I can assure you that framing based business the THE BEST way to GROW Your Business, and you’ll leave this training feeling really clear with a step by step plan to add 6-figure to your existing business. 

Come learn how to build your expert business (so you can potentially make millions).
I know I could easily charge $1,000 or $2,000 for this training and it would be worth it.
Just think for a second. If all you got was the ability to create financial freedom...wouldn't it be worth it...?

Of course it would be...

It is absolutely ridiculous, and I know that there are only 30 Seats available, so when they are gone, well, they are gone.

So, go get yours now - these simple steps are the same steps I showed to one of my clients who launching a business using these emerging technologies and he ended up raising $30m in funding for his business - pretty cool, right?

I look forward to helping you create the business and life of your dreams.
Jag Jassel
P.S - If you just read to the bottom of this page. I'm giving you my FULL Education on 7-Figure Experts Training for PRACTICALLY FREE. It has landed one of my clients millions in funding for their business...
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Gyanesh Dayal
Program Manager
Philip Wong
Corporate Accountant
Peihan You
Business Coach
Alka Gaindhar
Delivery Executive IBM
Simon Lazarus
Waterproofing Expert
Vikram Roy
Security Architect
Andrew McArthur 
Program Manager
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Small Business Owner
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